Book Coach & Ghostwriting Services

Who is on Your Writing Team?



Someone who can help guide your story from start to finish so that it grabs your audience’s attention and keeps it throughout the entire book.

A quality book coach:

  Reads your manuscript

  Suggests ideas on how to develop the:





  Topics you are writing about

  Offers suggestions on how to overcome writer’s block

  Keeps you accountable to meet your deadline

Depending on your writing skills, you may need a ghostwriter who can take your general ideas, thoughts and story and tell the narrative for you. 

Essential to a completed book, a good copyeditor will read through the material and check for any inconsistencies or grammatical errors in the text before it is either self-published or goes on to a literary agent or publisher for consideration.

If you’ve authored a book and are looking for a good copyeditor visit my Resources page for more details.