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Write a Book and Watch Your Business Soar

By on Mar 7, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

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We’re all looking for that little something that is going to give us an edge on the competition.  Have you thought of promoting your expertise with a book? Business, real estate and marketing professionals have all used this as a means to raise the awareness of their industry to increase their credibility with clients and prospects.

Your Experiences are What Set You Apart as the Expert

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve likely learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. These are lessons you can share with others who either don’t have your level of experience or haven’t encountered a specific type of client or dilemma yet.  Giving seminars, writing papers and articles are all great ways to share your knowledge, but there is something about writing a book that gives you instant credibility. Authorship is still seen as something unattainable by many—making it special.

Think about what you do when you want more tools in your toolbox. You read or listen to someone who has made it to the top of your field.  Why?  Because you know that they have valuable information that you can implement to make your business even better.

You have that accumulated knowledge too.  Why not use it to improve your business? Where do you start? Here are some suggestions:

  • Start with a topic or area you know.
  • Research it. Look at other books in that category and see how they have approached the subject. Then try to find a different approach.
  • Determine keywords. This is an online book, so keywords are important. These are not industry terms—they’re the phrases others would type into a search engine to find your industry or expertise. Sites like and give you a free seven-day trial period to test out their site, and allows you to create a free account. Note: Keywords may be not hold the same importance to your search engine optimization as they once did, but are still used in organic searches when someone is trying to locate an expert in your field or their geographic region.
  • Create an outline or guide on what you are going write about and how you think you want to order it. Then, set aside writing time in your schedule—even if it’s for only an hour a week—but stick to it.
  • Write in everyday English. Avoid industry terms and acronyms or unusual phrases that your reader may not be familiar with.
  • Show don’t tell. Your book, unless it’s a text book, should be conversational. Give readers examples, case studies, vignettes and visuals that demonstrate what you are talking about.

There are hundreds of books published in the US on a daily basis. Why shouldn’t one have your name on it?

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